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This morning it was team picture time…just look at this fearsome band of determined killers communicators!


The other day, just before dinner, a staggered column of eight Black Hawks roared right over my head. I just stared in awe – it was like a scene from Apocalypse Now or Black Hawk Down. They don’t usually travel in packs like that…I wonder where they were going…?


As I sat in the amazingly well-maintained porta-john last night, I realized two crucial things about the plastic toilet experience were missing. Burning hot plastic seat on my ass? Check. Graffiti on the walls? Check (though Liberty has a vastly lower density of shitter graffiti than other parts of the CENTCOM AOR). Sweat pouring down my face? Check. Overwhelming foul stench? …No. Swarms of pissed-off buzzing flies? …No.


Somehow, the porta-johns here (at least on Camp Liberty) seem to have some kind of mystical smell-absorbing property, which means that in general, it’s better (for your nose) to use the plastic outhouses than the porcelain toilets in the latrine trailers. Secret Department of Defense odor-absorbing technology, no doubt…

Also, there seem to be almost no flying insects of any kind on the camp. When we first arrived, house flies were everywhere; and in the spring, following the rainy season, the mosquitoes were intense and angry. But now, mercifully, those bugs are gone.


  1. Jason Schneider

    What about the long lines of drunk people waiting to use them. I would guess that is missing.

  2. Lola Barnes

    I was happy to see the soldier in the back holding the pictionary 4 device. It thus must have some actual use.

  3. withheld

    Nah, if we had drunk people over here, They would go up to the roof to do their business.
    …ok, that was a bad joke.

  4. Mom and Dad

    I want this fearsome band of commincators when I go back and forth from work in downtown Minneapolis. I94 was closed for hours (really) because there was a little piece of (innocuous) pipe on the roadway.

    Meanwhile, the U.N. is updating its ethics rules to cut gifts to top U.N. offcials by 97% – from $10,000 per gift (source Financial Times). From the same source, Italy and Germany are at each others’ throats over the proposed expansion of the U.N. Security Council. U.N. issues swirl, including whether there should be three (no shit) permanent Security Council seats from Africa!

    When I was a kid I thought roadside signs saying “U.S. out of the U.N.” and “Save the Republic – impeach Earl Warren” were whacked out…

  5. kelly

    Good to see high spirits with you guys. Really looking forward to the homecoming!

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