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blue phase


It might not look any different, but this is my new home. Hello, pad 7! Note the tree. As JoKur said, we just moved to the suburbs.

Even though the move was only 1/2 mile and the trailer I live in is exactly the same as the old one, the feeling of moving still gives some sense of progress. If nothing else, it forced me to pare down my belongings: all my worldly possessions now fit within 2 duffel bags and one backpack.

Less than a month until we leave here. It seems repetitive – I feel like I should just put a countdown clock on the site so I don’t have to keep writing about it – but it’s obviously looming in my mind (and in the minds of everyone else).


  1. Sean

    Hang in there bro, almost done!

  2. Desult

    It’s a good feeling, huh, the progress? Only a month left. You’re almost there and I’m wishing you the best.

  3. Mike

    Be safe. couple more steps and you all will be home.
    Oh yeah Just do not forget to water the tree:>

  4. Bryce and Lola

    We’re looking forward to seeing you when you get back. Keep letting us know what you’re doing. Luv

  5. cindy

    It is the suburbs- complete with grills and garbage cans. Now you just need some cardboard cutouts of kids riding bikes.

  6. sec

    Suburbs? Not unless you can always hear a lawnmower running somewhere.

  7. Larsonious

    Hey Alex, ya ever think of re-enlisting, you know staying over there for another deployment, work on your tan?
    Hahahah, maybe not. I just checked out the whole site, great stuff old friend. See you soon,

  8. Al's Girl

    Glad you are coming home soon! Enjoy your time in the ‘burbs!

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