Postcards from Tradocia


The days here are getting longer even as they become fewer in number.

Last week we had our company “garage sale” so we could sell off various crap we’d acquired over the course of the deployment to the incoming troops. Items for sale included fridges, microwaves, coolers, power converters, power strips, TVs, Xboxes, PS2s, chairs, and really anything else that wasn’t bolted down. The digital-clad troops (or “the blue guys,” as Bear calls them, since to his skewed perception the new uniforms look blue) fairly mobbed us, voraciously acquiring any and all items available. For my part, I sold my computer speakers, power strip, and 220v-110v power converter within about a minute of placing it outside. Shortest garage sale ever!

All that’s left now is to clean, pack, and leave. It seems so unreal, though – it feels like I’ve always been here, and always will be here. And probably, someday I’ll look back and I’ll wonder if I was ever really here. I guess that’s why I write this: so one day I can remind myself that it was real.


  1. Desult

    I guess it makes sense that it seems so unreal. Strange isn’t it? Almost there buddy…

  2. cindy

    We are so excited that you are coming home. It’s been wonderful to be able to check your blog every morning to see what you are up to. I hope you realize that in spite of terrible media coverage you really have lots of support. Thanks again to you and to your friends who have been writing here this year. Hopefully most of you are leaving with Alex. You will all be in our prayers.

  3. Bryce and Lola

    Great blog, alex–were so happy you’ve kypt us updated with your marvelous blogs, AND YOU’RE COMING HOME. lots of love and prayers. g and g

  4. Lynn

    Thank-you for your committment and service.
    My son is at Victory and is counting down – approx. 2 months. We wish you nothing but the best. God speed.

    Thank-you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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