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it’s all over but the crying


Here I’m bemoaning the ineffectiveness of the shop-vac against the incredible layer of sand inside the cab of my truck. As a result of this vacuum’s failure, I got a faceful of fine sand as I drove it to the wash facility – the first time the vehicle had moved in over ten months.

I almost – almost – felt a twinge of sadness as I flicked the power switch on the radio and turned off all the circuit breakers. After all, it was my job – however mundane – for this entire trip. Mostly, though, I felt a feeling of exultation, and just a hint of the drama I once wrote about; I really felt like there should have been some theme music as we drove away, generators in tow.

Later, we paid the price of a year of easy work and relaxation: the abominable and interminable cleanup process. The tradeoff for our electricity and air conditioning is a mountain of ancillary equipment, all of which was thoroughy filthy and had to be cleaned completely before storage. Between our two vehicles, I’d estimate (this is purely a SWAG – scientific wild-ass guess) that we had 15,000 pounds of trucks, radios, switchboards, cables, and generators.

As you can see from Gus’ face, it was hell!


  1. Pamela

    I’m so happy that you’re preparing to go home. With that said, I’ve been following you for so long that I feel a little sad. Best wishes to you and fellow soldiers.


  2. Bryce and Lola

    It’s amazing that your truck started up after sitting for 10 months. Maybe it’s a good sign that we’ll see you soon. Love G&G

  3. Sean

    Have a safe trip home!

  4. Desult

    SWAG, HA! That’s funny. But what’s more relevant is that I’m glad to hear that you’ve brought things to close, even if there was a hint of sadness. I wish you the best and hopefully this wont be the last entry we get from you even though you’re headed home. You know, keep in touch every once in a while :)

  5. Spike

    >I really felt like there should have been some theme music as we drove away, generators in tow.

    Totally. There’s no situation that wouldn’t be improved by a soundtrack.

  6. Delobius

    Well, of course, being good little troopies we started up those damn vehicles almost every day for the whole mission – even though they never moved. Daily PMCS, you know…;p

  7. kelly

    Great to see the move underway. Me and your mom and dad went to art institute yesterday and were excitedly talking about your arrival home and things we could do together. We are so excited to be able to say , “lets all go here, or do that.” Its now becoming real for us too, it feels like a fog, kinda unreal, since you have been gone. Cant wait to hang out again. Have a safe journey back. We love you.

  8. Mom and Dad

    Can’t wait to see you.

    It’s been getting down into the low 60’s and high 50’s at night. You’ll probably need a snowmobile suit!

    Love, Mom and Dad

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