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Today as the usual crew of the Pontiff, JoKur, Twizzy, and I walked to the DFAC, we witnessed an astounding spectacle: a series of flatbed trucks bearing the first wave of our signal vehicles. Their destination: Kuwait. We hollered and waved and saluted at first, but then we fell silent, just staring at the boxy green trucks as they rolled slowly past. I felt an electric tingling on the back of my neck, unable to tear my gaze from the beautiful sight of the flatbeds receding into the sun-washed distance; once again, I thought, there should be some music associated with this – if this were a movie, it would be the beginning of the final montage leading to the end credits.

As I write this, I have to admit that I feel a little choked up thinking about the scene; it’s a concrete manifestation of something that I haven’t been able (or have been unwilling) to understand – I’m really going to leave Iraq, and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

I only have one more post to write from Iraq, and it’s one I’ve been waiting to write for the last eighteen months. After that, I’ll step out of this hyperspace alternate-reality to rejoin the normal world, and start to really live again.


  1. cindy

    We’re really looking forward to reading your last post because then we’ll know you are actually on your way home. We can’t wait to see you.

  2. civilwarior

    Once upon a time I was a 31M, multichannel communications operator…home was inside an AN/TRC-145 shelter, or maybe a TRC-117…etc, sitting on a mountaintop in some godforsaken part of the world. I know what you’re sayin’ bro. It’s going to feel good, believe you me. Good luck and God bless…go home. You earned it.

  3. Mrs. Melobi

    I’m so cynical. I’m just assuming you’ll have a post about how frustrated you are that you haven’t all left yet. And THEN you’ll have to sayonara post.

    I’ve gone from super-excited to worried already. After so long another day or even two shouldn’t matter much, but it does.

  4. Mom and Dad

    I will be so happy to talk to you in person and not have to deal with this confounded machine. I know that sounds out of date, and I am so glad we could use it to keep in contact, but computers, bah! Love, maaaa

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