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surface battleship exelion?


What should it be called? Surface Battleship Exelion? Human Transport Ark Eltreum? Black Widow? Delobimobile?


  1. Jason Schneider

    Looks sturdy enough to get you to roseau. how fast does it go…

  2. G&G

    delobius is great. betyou guys had lots of fun at the resort., g and g

  3. swovtech

    how bout “my wife doesn’t let me drive cuz i can’t see over the wheel”? little long, but it has a nice cadence.

  4. jokur

    Delobimobile works for me you big pimp you

  5. The Pontiff

    No vote for the Epoch? WTF? You need to get the personalized plates ” DELOBI ” that’d be the way to go.

  6. Mrs. Melobi

    Finally. Alex is no longer having dreams with B Company every night. However, they seem to have moved over to my own dreams now. Get your own dream life now, guys!

  7. Anonymous

    Human Transport Ark Eltreum. Definitely.

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