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fall migrations?

It’s been a veritable birder’s paradise in north Minneapolis these last few weeks…

Probably most unusual (to me anyway) is my frequent sightings of sharp-shinned hawks in the city – they’re typically suburban or forest dwellers, but I’ve seen several lately.

Yesterday I just stood at the front door and watched no fewer than nine goldfinches (in winter plumage) feast on whatever tasty seed-filled plants Melobi has growing outside; they were soon joined by a pair of white-throated sparrows, who looked really fat and clumsy compared to the tiny goldfinches flitting about. Later a female cardinal showed up, and then a couple of dark-eyed juncos started pecking at something at the bottom of the steps.

Of course, Mouse (one of our two dumb cats) was sitting at the window, fairly salivating at the sight (having tasted finch flesh the day prior, though I find it unlikely that with his bulk he was able to kill anything – maybe it died of a heart attack or he sat on it or something).

From boring war stories to birdwatching to cat tales! Nothing escapes my dorky writer’s eye!


  1. Mrs. Melobi

    The flowers are purple coneflowers. I haven’t seen any birds on the globe thistles yet.

  2. G&G

    bird watching sounds great—but we’re really sorry about mrs. melobi’s kitty

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