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on a more positive note…


It’s been a while, but I wanted to post a thank-you and a plug for Anderson’s Cove resort at Leech Lake. Melobi and I went up there the weekend of 24 September, and it was great – and free! They had a deal for redeploying soldiers and their families where you could stay for free, so Melobi jumped on it and got us a reservation. It was lovely – the image above was right behind the cabin – and we had the place to ourselves.

The cabin itself was nice, with a full kitchen, living room, bathroom (with jacuzzi!) and two bedrooms. I highly recommend the place – if for no other reason than their gracious offer they extended to us.


  1. Desult

    WOW! What a view…awesome that you got to go.

  2. Mrs. Melobi

    Actually the entire Leech Lake Chamber of Commerce put together a package for us. We had offers for a free oil change, free booze, discounted merchandise, and a few give-aways presented to us when we arrived. So thanks to the CoC, too.

  3. The Pontiff

    Wait a minute! Where the hell was I during all of this??

  4. G&G

    ’twas nice!

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