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off to nebraska

Tomorrow I’m off to PLDC (Primary Leadership Development Course) at Camp Ashland, NE, for two weeks. It’ll be two weeks of sitting, sitting while reading, sitting while trying not to sleep, and sitting while wishing I wasn’t sitting.

And I’m sure I’ll write all about it – so look for hot new stories of hilarious Army life in about two weeks!


  1. Jon Leppala

    Correction: now called Warrior Training Course.

    Where do you pick up the furry cap with horns and the blue paint to redocorate one side of your face?

    Since son, Scott, is on this trip, sent you a flight tracking screen shot of your steady progress through this requirement.

  2. alektra

    Nebraska. Wow. I’m really sorry. I was there for a week in ’95. I’m still recovering.

    Bring extra shoes. They don’t have any there.

  3. frazzledsister

    There is no place like Nebraska, Dear old Nebraska U. Where the girls are the fairest,The boys are the squarest, Of any old school that I knew. There is no place like Nebraska, Where they’re all true blue. We’ll all stick together, In all kinds of weather, For Dear old Nebraska U!

    NE is one of the safest, nicest states in the whole 50. I love NE.

  4. Desult

    Ooh, can’t wait to hear how this goes.

  5. The Pontiff

    This is like the additional footage of a sweet DVD. Looking forward to the stories myself, #1.

  6. SuperMatt

    I have to wonder, as I sit here in the re-train the re-tard who hit the wrong button room, what my life would have been like if I could just act on impulse and never go to jail for it. Think of all the stupid people who are still alive today because of my therapist….. And the bunnys,…. the bunnys keep me cool,…… i like there little noses

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