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turkey day

Thanksgiving…I could write a serious post about all the things for which I’m thankful (which are many), but instead I’ll reflect on the horrors I faced on this day, one year ago, in the scorching hell of the Iraqi desert…

Click if you dare.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, whether home or abroad!


  1. Twizzy

    There was NOTHING like those Iraqi turkies mmm mmm (Yak Yak)

  2. G&G

    tnx lots for WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING MSG..WE WERE SO THRILLED TO HAVE YOU WITH US, Also thanks for the birthday Atlas. The big one is almost too heavy to use LOVE

  3. The Pontiff

    That was some really good hunting!! We showed those turkeys what was what, thanks mostly to the white indians and black pilgrims.


    Happy Thanksgiving 34th ID,

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