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king kong

Hot tip: don’t go see King Kong.

It’s probably one of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen, and probably the least entertaining one I’ve seen in the last two years (and that includes all the terrible movies I watched out of sheer boredom while in Iraq). The pacing is terrible, some of the effects are downright atrocious, and the whole premise is absurd. Sexy blonde prefers giant ape to real man? At the parts where I was clearly supposed to be feeling the great emotion (might as well have been signaled with a flashing sign above the screen saying “CRY NOW”), I felt like laughing instead.

I was hoping that there would at least be some good laughs due to the presence of Jack Black in the film, but alas, he was hardly funny at all.

Utter garbage. I’d go into more detail but I spaced out through most of the movie (mostly fantasizing about having my Game Boy so I could play Final Fantasy IV). Hollywood wonders why their profits are falling…could it be because movies are so bad? Nah, couldn’t be.

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  1. supermatt

    This comming from a guy how hates every movie he sees.

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