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italy probes what?

A story from Reuters, via Yahoo:

Italy probes US marine for murder in Iraq

Er, except that it wasn’t a Marine, it was a soldier, from A Company, 1-69 Infantry Regiment, New York National Guard. I was in Iraq when this incident occurred, and talked to a guy who was in that unit shortly after it happened. And you wonder why the media seems to have less and less credibility? It’s a simple fact, and they can’t even get that right. Hell, “US Army soldier” would’ve been good enough.

Also, what are they going to do if the Italian “investigation” wants to charge the soldier in question? Are they going to request extradition? Situations like this are exactly why the US didn’t sign on to the International Criminal Court…

(You can read the full text of the US Army’s findings on the incident in various places, but this is the most legible account.)

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  1. The Pontiff

    I don’t know if you remember this or not Delobi, but one of the guys I was on gate detail with to pick up the Iraqi workers, he was one of the guys involved in the incident. From the story he told me it sounded like the idiots drove up to the gate at a high rate of speed in an unmarked vehicle, didn’t obey any of the traffic signs or any warnings, and then the boys from 1/69 fired a warning shot. The vehicle continued toward the checkpoint and they disabled it. Its a bummer, but if you aren’t paying attention in a warzone, you can die.

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