I took my shiny Benelli Super Sport out for the first time yesterday (yes, I got it! muahahaha). First results were disappointing – my first two rounds of trap were 17 and 18, but I could tell it was me and not the gun. I realized I had a death grip on the shotgun – an artifact of shooting my AR-15 carbine and M249 where you have to strangle the rifle to keep it on target during rapid (or fully automatic) fire. Clay shooting takes a lighter touch, though; a shotgun, like a woman, generally responds better to subtle, guiding motions than to brute motive strength.

After realizing the error of my technique, I shot a respectable 23 (out of 25). The gun can shoot! Not only that, but its shininess attracted a lot of attention, even from guys shooting really expensive ($2000+) over-under clays guns. It’s just like Benelli says! I’m one of the “big dogs” now…har har.


So hey, I have a 20-gauge Browning Citori Special Steel for sale. I bought it used last year in Savannah, shot it a few times…but now that I have this Benelli, I won’t be needing the Browning. Pictures here.

There are some definite dings in the stock, and the wood at the bottom of the pistol grip is discolored. There’s some pretty tough fouling on the breech face (especially at the bottom barrel) and in the chamber area. It looks like it would come off with some serious scrubbing, but it shoots just fine so I never bothered.

The top barrel is full choke and the bottom is modified. The bottom barrel has obviously been used a lot more (judging by the fouling on the breech face). The bluing overall is probably 98%, and it functions flawlessly (shot a bit of trap, skeet, and sporting clays with it).

750 bucks.

Anyone interested? Drop me a line at delobius -at- gmail.com .