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cid in the house?

A new comment on an old entry:

“Your blog is being evaluated for information release. OPSEC should have been something an enlisted Signal soldier learned. You may not care, but there are still many thousands of Americans at risk. Your mouth helps the enemy.”
Posted by: CID 123 at January 24, 2006 12:31 AM

The IP traces back to a satellite internet provider based in Denmark, so it could indeed be from some CID guy sitting in the CENTCOM AOR. But what, is he/she posting from an internet cafe? I doubt the DoD NIPRNET runs over commercial satellite internet. Anyway, I doubt I’ve divulged any valuable information (except that Signal soldiers have an easy job – now everyone will want to make us work), but if I have, I’ll be glad to remove the offending material.

At any rate, I’m off to Lutsen for the weekend, with The Pontiff and Bear and a few other B Company alumni. Who knows – maybe I’ll come back to find my house burned to the ground by Delta Force and my blog erased from internet history.

Probably not, though.


  1. Twizzy

    have fun at Lutsen you fuckers and I hope that Delta force kills your cats too. J/k

  2. Mrs. Melobi

    Hey now! Leave the poor fat kitties out of this. All they want out of life is food and someone to stare down.

  3. Jinxy

    That’s a shitty thing to post, but I seriously doubt that a CID investigator would warn you of the pending investigation by leaving a comment on your blog.

    More than likely, you’d be standing before your CO asking, ala Fred Willard in “A Mighty Wind”, “Whaaaa happened?”

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