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new job as rpg

I like my new job because it’s a lot like a role-playing game. It basically consists of a lot of side-quests, where you get a variable amount of information, a mission objective, and then you go off and do your thing. Case in point: the other day, I was tasked with finding a network printer. I had the IP address (not a lot of help), and the only location information was “14th floor, PWB.” As in an RPG, on the way there I encountered a fellow support team member, so I asked him if he had any idea where the printer might be. He just laughed and wished me luck.

On the 14th floor, in typical RPG fashion, I just started mashing the X button talking to everyone I could find, asking each person about a printer used with a certain application…it really became RPG-like as each successive person gave me an extra clue to the printer’s location. Eventually, I found it – and got 500 experience points!

Here’s hoping for that +1 boot floppy…


  1. G&G

    cheers and many congratulations.

  2. Jason Schneider

    you need access to the switches, sec could have had that thing pinned down in 45 nanoseconds with coconut power.

  3. supermatt

    I think I have that game ” Quest for the lost office equipment II”

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