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In general, gun ownership in Japan is almost totally prohibited. Yet, the Japanese have a fetish-like admiration and desire for firearms of all types (especially modern military ones). Actually, Japanese culture seems quite adept at fetishizing many different things, but many of those aren’t suitable for public discussion…*cough*panty vending machines*cough*

At any rate, if you didn’t know about the Japanese prohibition on guns, this might seem like a perfectly reasonable image of some guys doing some tactical training in urban operations; something you might find going on at Minnesota’s own Defensive Edge. Except…they’re all using airsoft guns and the images are from a re-enactment of Black Hawk Down! Complete with the Shugart and Gordon scene!

Needless to say, I found this stuff to be mind-blowing. But it didn’t stop at Somalia circa 1993 – they also do the Pacific theater of World War II, as the US Marine Corps! Note the weapons – the M1 Garand, M1918 BAR, and M1 Thompson – and the entrenching tools. E-tools, for God’s sake! I’m in the “real” Army and I’ve never carried an E-tool (except for basic training, of course). There’s something to be said for the phenomenon of role-playing (with punishing detail) the force that defeated your own grandfathers, but I’m not sure what it is.

By far my favorite, however, is the site owner’s illustrations of cat-girls wearing Army uniforms. You read that right: cat-girls in BDUs. Check out the 1LT from 18th COSCOM, the unbearably-sexy gal of indeterminate rank from MACV, and the unquestionably most adorable depiction of paratroopers from the 502nd PIR ever created. My head just about exploded at that last one, BTW. “Anime paratroopers? Feline anime paratroopers? Cute feline anime paratroopers? With gas masks with the correct Chemical Corps insignia?!”

And yes, I did write fan mail to the artist, requesting a cat girl in a uniform sporting the Red Bull insignia…


  1. The Pontiff

    Totally friggin sweet! Post that ASAP when you get it Barnesvolio

  2. Holly

    Hey, are you coming to Marscon this weekend?

  3. Delobius

    No, although I could dress up as a Japanese guy dressed up as an Army guy…

    And WTF – commenting on my blog as a method of communication?

  4. Zhenji

    I think I can make the catgirl face. Where do I sign up for the feline anime paratrooper unit? I worder if the cat ears are standard issue of RFI…^_^

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