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out house mouse


As you may or may not know, my grandfather was a tail gunner on a B-17 Flying Fortress in the ETO (European Theater of Operations) during World War II. Recently I’ve been scanning his photos and documents for posterity, in hopes of putting them online in some fashion. For now, here’s a shot of the crew of Out House Mouse (#42-31636, OR-N) – my grandfather is the tall guy third from the left, in the back row.

For more about Out House Mouse, read the bottom of this page.


  1. G&G

    The picture of OUTHOUSE MOUSE came out great. You’ve obviously been looking at the internet and found some things. I’ll send you some web sites that you’ll be interested in.

  2. TOP

    Great stuff. Love reading about heroes of the past!!

  3. Terry

    My father Quentin was also the tail gunner on the Mouse in late 1943 thru early 1944. He flew a total of 25 combat missions.

  4. Robert Harvey


    My father was the LAST assigned pilot to the Outhouse Mouse. He was in the ETO from Jan 1945 to the end of the war in Europe. I have collected all the available war diaries of his crew (9-men) and compiled them in a book called “Memories From the Outhouse Mouse – The Personal Diaries of One B-17 Crew”. I mention this only as a point of interest and because this is the first photo I have seen with a crew OTHER THAN my fathers. Because OHM had 139 missions, I figure there were 3 or maybe 4 different assigned crews over the course of the war. From this e-thread, I see perhaps two of the others – one whose grandfather is in the photo and the other whose dad is “Quinton”. I’m very interested in contacting each of you.

  5. Terry

    Since Robert Harvey asked about the other crews, I looked up my fathers flight reports. The one dated February 25, 1943 (a 9 hour 30 minute combat flight) lists the crew as follows:
    Frederick Lawson-Pilot
    Wilfred Hobin- CoPilot
    Paul Rehm- Navigator
    Raymond Byrne- Bombardier
    Ishmael Cherry-Engineer
    Samuel Glasser-Radioman
    Grant Poppell- Ball Turret
    David Camerucci- Right Waist Gunner
    JD Hatfield- Left Waist Gunner
    Quentin Straker- Tail Gunner

    I have all 25 of the flight reports for the tour my father did, and the crew was pretty consistant. Camerucci must have been wounded or ill for about 7 weeks in early January and February 1943, as he was the only crew member that shows a substitute during the times these flight reports cover. According to the records I have, there were a few times this crew used another aircraft serial number- I assume due to the OHM being out of service. Anyone know any of these guys or if they are still with us?

  6. Ray Hobin

    Co-pilot Wilfred Hobin, although always called and goes by Mike, is my uncle. He is in outstanding health even though he’ll be 91 this summer. Although raised in New Jersey, Mike has lived for the past 15 or more in Bradenton, FL.

    Ray Hobin, LtCol,(ret) USA

  7. Hilary

    My Grandfather Walter M. (Lindy) Limberger was a tailgunner on the OHM. My Mom has the book that Robert Harvey wrote about the crew. He even autographed it for us! I’m very pleased that I can find information on this topic.

  8. Hilary Squires

    My Grandfather Walter M. (Lindy) Limberger was a tailgunner on the OHM. My Mom has the book that Robert Harvey wrote about the crew. He even autographed it for us! I’m very pleased that I can find information on this topic.

  9. Ray Hobin

    As a follow-up to Terry Lawson’s post of January 2007 and mine of
    April 2007, co-pilot Wilfred Hobin, generally known as Mike Hobin, is still alive and in excellent health still living in Bradenton, FL. Last month, June 2008, he turned 92.

    In conversations with him, he told me that he had had some contact with bombardier, Raymond Byrne, who had been living in Fayetteville, NC. However, have no idea how current that info is now.

    Ray Hobin, LtCol (ret), USA

  10. joe amatangelo

    i have had the privilege of caring for milton lloyd at the NHC health care center in farragut, TN. from sept. 2007 thru jan.2008 in which michelle was assigned the care in jan. of 2008. in my judgement, milton was one of the heroes of w w 2 who did their job to restore a sense of liberty to the world and we miss him so much

  11. Brent

    I am sitting here with my wife’s grandfather, Raymond Byrne who is still in Fayetteville and doing fantastic. Any updates on other crew members would be Great. Please email at lynbark @ nc DOT rr DOT com

  12. John perry

    Jd hatfield, that is my grandfather. Do you have any photos or anything? Could i get a copy of this photo?

  13. Cecile Lamy Uhry

    Mr. Harvey -I would like to be in touch with you regarding any information you might want to share regarding the Outhouse Mouse. My Dad (SSGT Laurent W. Lamy) served with your dad on the B-17 in Jan. 1945. Please contact me if you wouldn’t mind.
    Dad passed last year in Jan. 2009 – This coming week I will be attending the funeral of SSGT Zaven Kaprielian in Massachusetts. I was in touch with his son recently, and was invited to attend. He has a few photos to share, and I also.
    Thank you

  14. Kathryn Hadfield

    My brother Milton E Hensen is the Middle guy in the front of the plane.
    anyone have information about this crew?

  15. Chris Gomez

    I remember my Aunt Katy telling e about her brother Milton Hensen flying the Out House Mouse. As I reasearched, low and behold I see him in this photo crouched in middle. Fantastic. Chris Gomez

  16. Bruce Johnson

    My father,Bruce j Johnson,is the man standing fifth from the left in the back row. He was a tail gunner. I have that same photo at home!

  17. Shawn Camerucci

    My Grandfather is David Camerucci he’s 1st man on the right, I don’t know all the history of his tour but I’am really intrigued now. I would like to get the book by Robert Harvey that mentions this crew. David Camerucci past away in 1996 he was 74.

  18. Robin Stevens

    My father, Paul Katz, was navigator on OHM with Captain Harvey. We also have an autographed copy of the book Robert Harvey wrote. I may be able to find a picture of the crew with OHM if you would like me to send it here.

  19. Chris Waymire

    My grandfather, Jim Waymire, was a tailgunner on OHM and 9-0-9 in the first half of 1945. I transcribed his diary, here’s a link for anyone interested.

  20. Mike Cherry

    Terry I just ran across this Blog and saw your Post. My dad was Ish he died back in 2002. He talked about running around with your dad during the war. I haven’t been able to find much of his stuff from the war . Would like very much if you could send me a copy of your dad’s flight reports.

  21. Joe Rogers

    Mr. Ray Hobin,
    The South High School in Grand Rapids, MI. purchased a B-17 (42-29577) in 1943. She was a trainer out of Columbus Ohio. Wilfred M. Hobin was on a navigation flight to GA. and return in Oct. 1943. She ran out of gas and crashed at Medows of Dan VA. all hands safely bailed. Please contact me with any information you have on Mr. Hobin. One of my classmates is writing a book about this incident. Joe Rogers – Grand Rapids, MI.

  22. Diana Shoaf

    Joe Rogers,
    My father was Ray Hobin. He died in January of 2013. Mike Hobin is my uncle and is 99 and still living in Bradenton, FL. If you would send me your email address I can get contact info to you.

  23. Chria

    Where can I request the flight logs for the outhouse mouse?

  24. Chris

    My uncle Milton Hensen is the Lt. on the middle.
    He was never the same after flying 39 combat missions. After being asked I assume to be a flight instructor, he was diagnosed with “Old Occupation Fatigue, now known as PTSD.

    If anyone has any more info on the crew or missions, reports etc, please post them. I’ve just received his file and am waiting for his Medals.

    He flew during the fall of 44.

  25. Katie Hadfield

    where can I get the book by Captain Harvey that relates to the crew on
    the outhouse mouse in 1944, my brother Milton Hensen Jr was the co pilot.
    thank you Katie Hadfield

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