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is this thing on?

Who’d have thunk it – working 40 hours a week in tech support isn’t as blog-worthy as sitting in a shelter truck in Baghdad 12 hours a day. I’m much less bored on a daily basis here than I was in Iraq, and yet from a writing standpoint, I have nothing to say. Maybe it’s because I enjoy describing things instead of generating opinions – dealing with sensory input rather than controversial topics certainly is easier on the blood pressure – and I feel like there are countless commentators out there saying things at least as well as I could say them.

I also feel like I’ve lost my “special population” status – even as a REMF (pogue, fobbit), just being in Iraq gave me a perspective that not many others had. (Have I written about this before?) Now, I’m another face in the crowd. I don’t much feel like writing about daily activities – “fixed 5 computers, got oil change, played Guild Wars, shot a 23 at the trap field” – because in general, I wouldn’t want to read about it. And since I’m essentially self-centered, nothing gets written.

So what “special population” do I belong to now? What can I bring to the so-called “blogosphere” that no one else can? I’ve realized that I’m sort of a “jack of all trades and master of none,” which serves me well in general existence, but seems to be quite unsuitable for blogging (which is generally narrowly-focused). So…


  1. cindy

    I would say you are a master at writing.

  2. G&G

    i agree with cindy

  3. Jason Schneider

    L-User rant of the day. Please.

  4. desult

    Just wanted to drop by and say hello. I’ll be back around soon.

  5. Ghost Dog

    When I started my blog, I almost wished I was back doing tech support.


    I’m not sure dealing with the nearly endless stream of idiot callers would have been worth getting to write about stupid Luser tricks, but it would have generated plenty of material.

  6. seth herndon

    what’s up guy just wondering how things are going, p.s. we gotta game sometime haven’t played a game in months. I bought my fancy shmancy game box and now it’s just sitting there collecting dust and making me sad. Please do not allow the leet gamer box to become another linux box :(.

    Jaw Shots!

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