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hot city nights


The Hennepin Avenue bridge, with the Grain Belt sign in silhouette.

Technical details:
2006:07:21 21:20:30
24.0-85.0mm @ 78.0mm
1/10 sec, f/8.0
Mode: Av
Metering: Evaluative
Exp comp: -1/2
ISO: 400


  1. dale


    Suitable for framing!

  2. Scott Leppala

    Barnes! Nice pic!, I am at Ripley for three weeks where are you?? Network problems aaa!

  3. G&G

    In the past Lola and I liked to walk along the river here and have picnics further north.

  4. kristen

    Lovely pics! We have a beautiful country and our servicemen keep it that way.

  5. Mrs. Melobi

    When are you going to post photos from our trip to Santa Fe? Or let people in on all the frustrations of creating theater space in the basement? Or the joys of owning a pickup truck?

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