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As some of you may or may not know, one of my blog entries from my time in Iraq was selected for publication in a printed compilation of milblogger writing from across the globe. The project was spearheaded by Black Five, and thanks to his hard work (and that of several others), I’m now officially published in a real dead-tree book.

The book is titled “The Blog of War,” (link goes to Amazon), and I have but a small part in it (the beginning of chapter two, if you must know). I am indeed honored to be published alongside some truly great soldiers and writers, such as 1LT Neil Prakash of Armor Geddon, LT Smash (the Indepundit), and of course the esteemed Black Five himself. I feel a renewed twinge of REMF guilt, sharing the pages with those soldiers; my experiences pale in intensity and danger compared to theirs. I must’ve pleased someone along the way, though, since I made the cut…

Anyway, there it is – go buy the book – it’s not like I get a big cut of the cash or anything, but it’s a distillation of the best stuff the milblog community has to offer.


  1. MSGMom

    that is really cool I think I may have to buy that book. thanks for the heads up.

  2. cindy

    Congratulations Alex!

  3. G&G

    grat to be published we’re very, very proud of you, lots of love, g and g

  4. The Pontiff

    Sweet, you’re immortalized. Well, I guess you already were. And come to think of it, the internet is probably more immune to time than published books. Hmmmm… Well, what post did they grab? Or do you want to keep that a secret so people go out and buy the book and you get your fat cat royalty checks?

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