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army strong

“Army of One” was the Army’s widely-panned slogan – until now. The new slogan is “Army Strong” and is set to officially debut on November 9th. In truth, I wasn’t real excited about the new phrase (though I liked Army of One even less) – until I saw the accompanying video.

Watch it, and you will be impressed.


  1. Courtney

    Yes its very impressive. Its also a very romantic portrail of war. Please. The military has been given the responsibility of “winning” this “war” rather than the government led by a ill equipped president and cabinet, not to mention a corrupt congress feeding billions to no-bid contracts. Its war for profit and nothing more. Watch pycho killer you will see a different side of war, a little less romantic.

  2. Mom and Dad

    This IS an impressive and dramatic appeal to the martial spirit, reminiscent of a movie trailer. In contrast to the “Army of One” (a contradiction in terms) campaign, which seemed directed toward atomistic individuals, the new campaign appeals to a mystic sense in which the self is subsumed by a higher entity (and also makes a virtue of necessity by emphasing the Army’s main purpose, combat). Now the question will be whether the new campaign is more successful than the old in attracting and retaining soldiers. The effectiveness of advertisements is notoriously hard to measure. Years ago Coca Cola ran a TV ad which showed a diverse group of children singing “I’d love to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,” as the camera panned out to show a beautiful green earth floating in space. Research showed that a significant fraction of the population regarded this as their favorite commercial, but that it didn’t result in them increasing their purchases of Coke.

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