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last day at the FOB


Hootkoop readies his Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. 1 rifle. Taken at FOB Braaten.

Technical details:
2006:09:30 14:01:42
24.0-85.0mm @ 24.0mm
Subject dist: 2.14m
1/350 sec, f/8.0
Mode: Av
Metering: Evaluative
ISO: 100
AF mode: One-shot AF
Drive: Continuous
White balance: Auto


  1. Spike


  2. Mom and Dad

    Lee-Enfield, ja!

    Arguably the finest military bolt action rifle ever made, although Mauser fans may disagree. The Lee-Enfield had a ten round magazine compared to the Mauser’s five, and a way smoother and faster bolt action. A well-trained trooper could fire 15 or more aimed shots per minute. Early in WWI, at the Battle of Mons, the Germans thought they had come under machine gun fire, but it was was really massed fire from British Lee-Enfields.

  3. drew

    now, im a regular army paratrooper, so we might do things differently. but i have never been trained on a lee-enfield. or any bolt action rifle for that matter. in fact, even our scout rifles are blowback. what school do i need to apply to to get this training?

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