Browsing through some old files, I found a paper I wrote my senior year in high school. The assignment was to write a paper emulating the style of Annie Dillard; I’ve no idea if I was successful, but I found this to be surprisingly mature writing for an 18-year old. What do you think?


It’s morning, and there’s fog on the lake.

There is something spritual about early morning, and it’s not entirely related to the shroud of sleep that still covers your senses and blurs them, as if looking through a sheet of waxed paper. The whole world is in a state of rebirth; it is as if everything goes from the primordial ooze to fully formed splendor each day.

I know this is a terribly overworked topic, but I can’t help but revisit it.In much the same way, the world dies each twilight, though perhaps it’s more of a bedding-down than a true cessation of earthly life functions.