Yesterday it was an atypically beautiful late November day – nearly sixty degrees. I walked around the camp, taking pictures like the tourist I am, and made the obligatory stop at the PX. (The PX-as-mandatory-visit phenomenon is a whole separate post unto itself, one which I plan to write shortly.) The Iowa Military Museum is on the camp, so I strolled around their assortment of armored vehicles, discovering a cute little self-propelled (SP) artillery piece that I dorkily named SP-Chan. If you don’t get my reference, be glad – I’m afraid I’ve revealed a heretofore unknown level of geekdom.

Today, though, the day dawned cloudy and cold. The lock on the monster van was frozen shut, as was the driver’s side window. Sleet tonight, supposedly, then some snow. I wouldn’t mind some snow, finally – if it feels like winter it damn well better look like winter – but I’m sure it bodes ill for our eventual drive home, which inevitably will be a treacherous, white-knuckle affair.