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hot air in baghdad

Conservative columnist and right-wing media babe Michelle Malkin, along with a small entourage, just returned from a trip to Iraq. Interestingly enough, she stayed at FOB Justice – just as I did, in May of 2005. The units (and the uniforms – I was there in the “pre-ACU” days) have changed, but the concrete walls still look the same.

Also check out the video at HotAir, which has some good footage and commentary of Michelle’s time with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Infantry Division. Additionally on HotAir, Bryan (who also visited Iraq) posts his initial impressions of the situation there. It’s a pretty astute read of the current condition of the country and the way that we’ve conducted the fight thus far.

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  1. G&G

    tnx lots for your blog. last nite i was reading in your writing in the blog of war. what a great writer you are. the next time we go to barnes abd noble i want to see if they carry it, lots of love, g and g

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