In Michael Yon’s latest dispatch from Iraq, he tells of the Marines’ high praise for our hometown team:

Mellinger said he was going to contact the CSM of the National Guard to make sure it was known how highly regarded these soldiers are by the people who have come to rely upon their effectiveness in one of the most dangerous outposts in the world. […] Mellinger affirmed that this was honestly the highest congratulations he could confer. In my experience of having seen CSM Mellinger interface with, say, fifty different units during the month total I’ve spent with him, be they Marines, soldiers, sailors, Special Forces or Air Force, I have never seen him give an endorsement like the one he extended to the Minnesota National Guard.

Hey, maybe all of our ridiculous Minnesota pride is justified! If 134th Signal Battalion could be the best signal unit in the US Army, why couldn’t our infantrymen be similarly stellar?