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ziggurat con?!

Soldiers at Camp Adder in Iraq are having what must certainly be the first game convention in a war zone – Ziggurat Con!

I plan to send stuff to them as soon as I can figure out what they need. Hit the link for contact info if you want to help geeks thrive in the desert.

Talk about a band of brothers – not only fellow soldiers, but fellow dorks! Also note the picture on the link – you’ll see a Red Bull patch there…ha!


  1. Momo

    My sister is one of the people organizing the ziggurat con, she is going to hold a Munchkin tournament and she is the best friend to the person organizing it. Hehehe X)

  2. The Pontiff

    Dude, how cool is that?! Too bad they didn’t have something like that going on at Camp Liberty when we were there. Never ceases to amaze me what soldiers will come up with for occupying their time though. Greensleaves!

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