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weapon of choice

Check it out – the next episode of Midwest in the Mideast.

Note that I won’t be posting these in order – I’m posting them basically in random order.


  1. The Pontiff

    Whats up with the strange comments? You don’t suppose that’s some of our Iraqi buddies do ya?

    Well regardless, boss video, DAMN good shooting by that one American guy who hit that thing! Those RPG’s are tricky fuckers.

  2. Mom and Dad


  3. Daniel

    where did you took this video??

  4. The Pontiff

    I filmed this footage during my stint at Butler Range. Delobi chronicles a visit to Butler Range in one of his posts while he served on the Bravo Company Specialist Exchange Program. (Really this was just an excuse to send one of my guys back to Baghdad for a little chill time.)

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