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holy crap

The bridge over the Mississipi River on 35W collapsed this evening. I drive on that bridge almost every day – but didn’t today, because the recent construction has made it a total mess of traffic. I wouldn’t have been on the bridge when it collapsed (at about 6:05 pm), but it’s creepy nonetheless.

EDIT: KARE 11’s site has this fascinating tidbit of information:


EDIT: Wikinews has an article already.


Phone picture from a SomethingAwful forum member.

EDIT: Video from CNN from a MNDOT traffic camera:

EDIT: Here are some awesome pictures of the immediate aftermath.


  1. Minna H.

    It’s awful. Now, tell Mrs. Melobi to keep her cell phone with her so I can contact her in times like these. Thanks.

  2. Delobius

    Actually, we were both home at the time and her phone was sitting in the kitchen. It probably just didn’t ring because of the cell network being overloaded.

  3. Mrs. Melobi

    or the fact that the battery was dead ’cause I never charge it ’cause no one much calls me and I don’t like talking on the phone anyway.

    We had some excitement at work because our dean wanted to know that everyone was safe and my boss was either on the phone, couldn’t get a line or was charging her phone so no one could reach her.

    One of our staff would have been on that bridge if her boyfriend hadn’t taken a longer shower than normal. They were on the 10th Avenue bridge watching until they were asked to leave.

  4. KidLee

    Wow…thats some horrible shit right there. I mean really…they should have fixed that thing a long time ago.

    good to meet another defunct 31R

    Take it easy

  5. Kathi

    Glad to know you’re both OK. Thankfully all of my family in MN was also OK, but sadly, my sister found out today a coworker is among the missing.

    I am still numb with disbelief over the whole thing. Keeping all those affected by this in our prayers down here in the state of Virginia.

  6. Hootkoop

    I was watching the Wikipedia article grow all that day. it started out as a stub stating when the bridge was built and by the end of the day it was around four pages long. I checked again just now and it’s nine pages long.

    Welcome to Hive Mind v1.0

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