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protect that data!

Obviously, the Army has a lot of sensitive data on a lot of computers, and protecting that data can be a real challenge. You might not know it, but one of the best ways to protect sensitive data is to look at PowerPoint presentations! So this morning when I logged on to my computer, I read through a beautiful slide show that could be summed up by, “don’t let Afghan camel-traders steal USB thumb drives out of your TOC.”

And thank God I did, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have found this gem of an image.


  1. Mrs. Melobi

    Internet is “the new Afghanistan”: NY police commissioner –;_ylt=AmTEafxe_re3eK0PBygf._sE1vAI

  2. Ali

    Oh, wow…that is really fantastic…heeheehee!

  3. Prometheus

    OMG! By reading this post, can I skip the training? Secret Squirrels make my head hurt…or, is it nuts?

  4. MATT

    Spread the word on your blog……Get a copy….

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  5. Fred

    Hey Alex
    Glad everything is going good. Hope to see you at the Lan. I hear Seth will be there. Call me if you can. Hoot has my #. Hope to see you soon.

    FRED REDBULLL,32 and the only Super ROU

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