After four years of blogging with Movable Type – this month marks my fourth year of and blogging in general – I’m going to switch to WordPress. I’ve had a series of minor issues with various versions of Movable Type, and with comment spam once again becoming a serious problem, I had to either upgrade to MT 4.x or switch to something else. I tried WP and I think I like it, so on to that platform I go. I hate to do it, because WordPress fans are, to me, akin to Mac fans – hyperventilating black-turtleneck-wearing girly men who treat their blogging (or computing) platform of choice like a religious entity. I make the change for purely pragmatic reasons, not ideological ones.

Eventually, this URL will point to the WordPress blog – as Optimus Prime said on the original Transformers animated movie, “Until all are one!” – but for now, go look at the layout at and let me know what you think.