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A new coat of paint

I’ve flipped the switch and gone over to WordPress 2.3.2. New look, too – which is still in progress. Note that of course the URL is the same, but the archive links have all changed – which means that any links anyone had to my individual posts will now be broken. Oh well…

I’ve enabled comments, so we’ll see how bad the spam gets. If it gets too severe, I’m going to enable registration – which will add an extra step for my readers, but I figure those are small in number these days anyway.

Suggestions welcome.


  1. HootKoop

    Spam spam spam spam.

    Also, is there anyway to add one of those verification image thingies? So in order to post you have to type in T3D4F or something?

  2. jumi

    looks good.

    you may want to consider redirecting your old feed: to the new one so that links back to the site work properly again. Or just use feedburner like all the cool kids are doing nowadays.

    And yeah, before you go with registration, look into reCAPTCHA – they have a plugin for wordpress, but I haven’t played with it yet:

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