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IOTD: Fallen Heroes

1BCT fallen soldier memorial - 4 FEB 08

A photo of the 1st BCT’s new memorial, commemorating the brigade’s soldiers killed in action during OIF. It was unceremoniously installed yesterday, just as the snow began to fall. I expect it will be formally dedicated in the spring, when the weather isn’t so crappy.

I find it a little curious, though, that there is no other inscription – nothing to even indicate what conflict or theater in which these men and women died. What will people think of this monument, a hundred years from now?

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  1. Durnic

    When I was in France, there was a woman in our tour group who was a model from Korea. She wanted to pose and be photographed next to EVERYTHING. It got to be a little annoying, but to appease her and alleviate our burden, we took turns with her camera. Despite her pleading, I don’t think she got any pictures of herself at Normandy.

    In 2108, they will at least be compelled to acknowledge how nice that monument photographs in the snow.

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