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Kingly crowns

My new grill

That’s bona fide $2000 dental work right there, my friends. Notice the metal in place because I don’t have enough tooth left to hold an all-ceramic crown. My pretty dentist had to grind my old teeth away, in the process destroying the ceramic fillings that I paid hundreds of dollars for just a few years ago. Of course, the crowns as they were cast didn’t actually fit my bite (why make a cast then?), so she had to grind down both the crowns and my bottom teeth, leaving me with old-man-like worn-down biting surfaces. Guess I’ll start having Mrs. Melobi make me gruel for dinner!

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  1. SGT Dock

    Ha hah!! Flat-toothed-herbivore = hippie. Yeah… That’s right… I said it.

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