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A package! (day 3)

Package, 9 APR 08

Today I got a package from Mrs. Melobi. What could it be? Let’s open it…

Package 2, 9 APR 08

Well! It’s a boot, a compact flash card reader, and a battery charger. How sweet!


I’m sure you’re wondering why I got a package containing one boot (the left one). The short answer is: I’m a dumbass. See below:

Package 3, 9 APR 08

What you’re looking at there is two right boots. That’s right: all of my packing preparations led to me bringing two right boots, which in turn led to me first wear regular shoes with my uniform, then to borrow a pair of clown-shoe-sized boots to wear for a day until my other boot arrived.

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  1. liza c

    that made me really smile… and laugh at the same time…hihih =D

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