Postcards from Tradocia

Scenes of the camp (day 6)

A couple of pictures of the prison camp known as BT Collins:

Router the cat, BT Collins, 11 APR 08

This is the little cat that lives behind the barracks building. The building staff leaves food and water for him/her, and this morning I even saw some leftover ribs from last night (though I imagine the local dogs appreciate that more than the cat).

BT Collins fence at sundown, 11 APR 08

BT Collins fence at sundown 2, 11 APR 08

The two photos above show the post-cyberpocalyptic fence that surrounds this postage stamp of a compound. Friendly, eh?


  1. Ali

    Oh no! You make it look so horrible! And just think…you only just got there!

  2. Zhen Ji

    Nice to see you’ve gone to hell. I hated BT Collins, I was there for 6 weeks and I felt like I was at the mental ward. My advice, use the showers at the gym, leave the place as soon as you can (I didn’t have a car) and I hope you brought lots of entertainment. Lastly, go to San Francisco, Napa, Tahoe and forget that BTC exists. Are you there for 25B school?

  3. The Pontiff

    Router the cat looks like he/she is doing pretty good, although I suppose its pretty nice there all the time so they probably have lots of stray animals just running around. Hooters…nice!

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