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Rally ‘stache (day 41)

Like any group of people living in close proximity for extended periods of time, soldiers tend to develop diseases that then circulate through the community. One of the most disturbing – and least explainable – of these afflictions is the “Army mustache.”

For some reason, someone always gets the idea to grow a stupid little mustache, and others usually catch the idea, which typically only lasts for a few weeks before the victim’s body rejects the facial hair and it mysteriously disappears. Usually it disappears after a long string of cursing and/or itching of the upper lip, and numerous proclamations about how “I’m taking this fucking thing off TODAY.”

I managed to avoid catching this disease during my trip to Iraq, and gave SGT Dock a big line of shit about his, but this time around, I somehow got the bug.

In our case, the latest outbreak started with our instructor, so some of us joined him in dirty-lip solidarity. Check out my collage of us shady bastards (the instructor is in the middle, of course):

Mustache Crew, May 08


  1. Pro

    HAha! After a one week civilian training course and a rare week off, I’ve caught an SF beard.

  2. SGT Dock

    Hey, it looks like you’ve got some coffee grounds stuck to your upper lip… You are supposed to put them in the top of the coffee-pot; not eat them.

  3. The Pontiff

    Looks like it grew in better than my mexican stash with the missing part in the middle. Refer to the image from Cedar II with the Coke can.

  4. SSG Sanchez


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