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Golden State Chronicles (day 49)

The prison camp is deserted now, since the wardens allowed us a 4-day weekend for Memorial Day. Anyone with any money or means of transportation has left the place, either flying home or going somewhere not here – except me (and a few other sorry bastards). Not having to see my classmates for four whole days is vacation enough for me!

On Friday I drove down to see the Muir Woods and the Golden Gate Bridge – I felt like quite the tourist, what with my “huge” camera and everything. On the way back I stopped at Travis AFB to rummage around at the PX (in true active-duty fashion; not that I needed anything, but you can’t be on orders and not go into a nearby PX) . I ate at the Popeye’s chicken there and I reminisced about eating at the Popeye’s on Fort Hood that was right across the street from our SEN site during that sweaty Texas summer. Was that really four years ago already? It was. Christ…

I then swung by the post museum (every military base has one) – it was closed by the time I got there, but I was still able to walk around and gawk at the aircraft. They had a B-52D there, but I didn’t post a photo of it because B-52s just don’t photograph well. It’s too hard to get the proper sense of scale.

I didn’t spend a lot of time at Travis, but it seemed to me that the hype talk about Air Force installations being vastly superior to Army ones is mostly that – hype. It seemed just as junky as any Army post, with the same squat tan-painted cinder block buildings and brown signs with white lettering announcing cryptic building names like “KC-10 COMBAS Facility.” (That’s sort of made up, but I saw a sign like that – I know what a KC-10 is, but the long acronym after it was mysterious.)

Anyway, blah blah. Here are some pictures!


  1. The Pontiff

    Still no progress on Starfleet HQ, I see. Disappointing…

  2. Army Sergeant

    I think it’s supposed to be better on the inside.


    Or maybe it’s just a dirty, dirty lie they tell us to motivate us in our anti-AF furor.

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