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Intellegence and stupitidy

As I’ve written before, Army writing style only asks that one’s prose be “generally free of errors.” However, there are some situations where one would think that a little closer attention to detail would be warranted. I discovered both of the examples below on the same day, within minutes of each other.

Exhibit A. This is a real slide from a real presentation made by a real battle command training center sent to real soldiers. The irony is simply murderous. This presentation was sent to me and this was the first slide. I fell out of my chair when I saw it.

Exhibit B. This is a real shipping label from real maps really sent from NIMA. That’s the National Intelligence Mapping Agency, boys and girls. I guess military intelligence is an oxymoron, after all. This label was on a package of maps one of my cohorts got in the mail.

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  1. SGT Dock

    I cant beleve you wuld laff at the stupitidy of your follow solders. Wurds like dangar and intellegence our reely hard to spell.

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