For some reason, it took me a long time to realize that the footage that we took during our deployment wasn’t going to be useful for creating a true movie-length epic. That, of course, was our original intent – the great war saga of our time! – but as it turned out, we really didn’t have much of a war. Thus, the movie idea fizzled. Still, I had hours upon hours of footage of us screwing around all across the globe, at great expense to the taxpayer, so I really wanted to share our folly with the world. Then, the obvious idea came to me: make short clips of the funny stuff and upload – it’s the Youtube era, after all! Movies with plot (and movies longer than 90 seconds) are so 20th century!

Thus, clips like the one below. For now, check out what I’ve got – click on the Google Video icon in the lower right of the player window, then select “Go to Google Video.” From there, you can click on “More from this user” in the upper right and see my other crap. (Too bad it’s not like Youtube that gives each user a page with all of his/her videos.)