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…and they’re off

Yet another group of Minnesota National Guardsmen is off to Iraq – this time, the 34th Infantry Division headquarters. It’s the third major deployment of the Red Bulls since I’ve been back from Iraq, and once again, I have mixed feelings on their departure. Many soldiers that I know are on their second or even third deployments; through some combination of luck, shrewd positioning, and probably a few interventions by my superiors, I haven’t been one of them.

Of course, I enjoy not being in Iraq – the weather in Minnesota is largely more agreeable, the food and accomodations are better (though not free!), and of course the presence of friends and family is preferred to their absence. But I feel some guilt, too, at my apparent good fortune, especially since I’m a full-time military man now.

I shouldn’t worry too much, though – I’ll get my chance again soon enough, I figure. The Red Bulls almost certainly have at least one more deployment on the horizon, even if our new president withdraws us from Iraq. If nothing else, they can send in the Minnesotans to wrap things up and turn off the lights. Save the best for last, as they say…

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  1. jumi

    Well, it is nice to have at least one of you nerds still around.

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