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Roland snare with Yamaha e-drums

Since our postage stamp-sized house is too small for me to have a real drum set, I started looking for ways to upgrade my Yamaha DTXPLORER electronic drum set. The easiest (and most common) upgrade was a snare drum pad with a mesh head, replacing the standard rubber pad for a more “realistic” and bouncier feel. Unfortunately, Roland has a patent on the mesh head technology (apparently – seems like patenting an “online shopping cart” or something), so Yamaha doesn’t have any mesh pads of their own. I bought a Roland PDX-8 snare pad anyway, figuring that it should work fine.

For the most part, it does. I was a little worried about mounting the pad to the frame, but the MDH-10U pad mount worked fine. The pad is supposed to be a dual-zone pad, so you can play regular snare hits as well as rim shots and cross sticks, but the Roland method of triggering rim shots is different than Yamaha’s, so it doesn’t really work. Oh well…

Two pictures of the setup: one, two.


  1. mrt

    plug the snare into 9/10 or 10/11 it needs stareo input for the rim to work

  2. Trent

    Question: Does this work in the 9/10 input? We want to do the same thing on a DTExpress brain and can’t seem to get answers easily.

  3. Delobius

    Hmm…I’m not sure. Do you mean the input on the back of the kick pad? I have an extra pad (the old snare pad) connected there, and it’s assigned a crash cymbal sound by default. I have the mesh pad plugged in to input 1 (the regular snare input).

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