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On order, have fun

“Mandatory fun” is a concept that one could only imagine in the military. The idea is that at a designated time, the unit will have a recreational function – and you will be attending, like it or not!

Sometimes, someone even writes an operations order for it:

1. Situation. After days, weeks, months of arduous torment and agony of working on various important projects (DIAG Inspection, Infostructure at Camp Ripley, acquisition of the RCP and of course the C4IT COOP) the J6 has given to us this afternoon to celebrate (commiserate) to our over worked, unappreciated state. You are therefore invited to an Off-Site Training Event to be held at the camp of SGM V.

2. Mission. O/O enjoy Famous Dave’s ribs and chicken while enjoying the great outdoors in a friendly environment.

3. Execution.
a. Intent. We have had quite a year of challenges and accomplishments. I intend to celebrate all of our successes. I intend to feed everyone Famous Dave’s ribs and chicken with plenty of fixens and soda (pop).
b. End State. Ribs, soda, and fixens will be eaten, games will have been played and boat rides taken.
c. Safety Statement.
(1.) Everyone is a valued employee and we want you to enjoy yourselves but to do it in a SAFE and responsible way.
(2.) Make sure that everyone has a life preserve or life jacket if you are going out on a boat.
(3.) Exercise caution driving to and from the event. Take rest breaks and do not speed.
(4.) Remember. We want everyone to enjoy themselves in a safe and responsible way. We want to see you back at work on Monday.
d. Concept of operations.
Tasks to J6
T1: Travel to Vinnie’s camp arriving NLT 1130. Annex 1 (Map and Directions to Vinnie’s Camp)
P1: To arrive in order to celebrate.
T2: Enjoy FD’s, company and activities.
P2: To enjoy the afternoon of good food and great company.
T3: Redeploy to HOR after all the food, fixens, soda, and company are expended.
P3: To travel home safely.
e. Coordinating Instructions.
(1.) Timeline of events:
1130 Arrive at RP: Vinnie’s Camp. Observe the traffic laws and have a safe trip.
1130 – 1230 Lunch: FD’s delivered to the Off-site Training Event
1230 – 1530 Fun & Games. Life preservers/jackets are mandatory when boating.

4. Service and Support.
a. FD will deliver the food around 1130. The driver will need to be tipped so remember to bring some cash.
b. The Support staff will be delivering the supplies from U32, the ice and the soda.
c. All Branch Chiefs are recommended to chip into the soda (pop) fund: $10.00. POC this action is LTC L or CPT K.
d. Desserts are optional. Recommend that every Branch Chief bring a desert item of their choosing.

5. Command and Signal.
a. Dark Lord,

b. LTC T,

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  1. Mrs. Melobi

    I see problems with the lack of instructions around the tipping of the driver. Who really has this responsibility? Who will gather all the coins to be used? Who will hand the tip to the driver. Will it be the same person who greats the driver? These are the little kind of things that can really screw up an entire mission.

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