What happened?

I think there's something missing here

What you see at left is not an accident but rather the culmination of JoKur’s 5-year quest to install a computer in his car. He first had the idea when we were in Iraq, and began the epic mission when he purchased this car after our return. I have fielded countless tech support calls about this damn project, and listened to his endless descriptions of his various crazy schemes.

He was so close to completion – he finally had the right hardware, and the right software, and everything was installed and working – but that only lasted for about five days. Then he got the idea to remake his dash with Bondo.

You’ll notice that not only is the radio missing, but also the heating & air conditioning controls. This means that he needs to fiddle with various cables under that mess (if you look closely, you can see the little blue cable on the left of the dash…hole, which, when pulled, apparently does something).

It's under here somewhere

It's under here somewhere

Here you can see him reaching for something, which didn’t help and we had to drive with all four windows down so we didn’t roast. I just hope that he wraps this up before winter comes again…