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Mr. Malaprop

OK, got it.

This was actually drawn on the board in the classroom this week, by our warrant officer, who I think will be called Mr. Malaprop.

If you can figure this out, you’re hired.

(Click for larger image.)


  1. jumi

    How’s about I show up for Day 11?

  2. SGT Dock

    Day 11 is the culmination of the exercise? The likelihood that Day 11’s events will introduce viruses into the works is fairly high. I think this could possibly cause some interference of the tests conducted on Day 9. I think Master-Chief Malaprop needs to re-evaluate his battle plans.

    Maybe add some more arrows or brackets.

  3. Delobius

    You might not be surprised to learn that I added day 11. “Culmination” indeed…

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