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Ice Truckers: Army edition

Ice Truckers: Army edition

Some people think this is what Minnesota looks like all year long. They’re wrong, of course; it only looks like this for six months out of the year.

Truly, it is a Bastion of the North at our fine camp, with sub-zero temperatures and packed-snow roads that all but guarantee hilarity for soldiers shod in desert boots. The rubber used in our soles is useless below freezing, being optimized for the 160-degree heat of Iraq, as it hardens and is akin to walking on snow with plastic lunch trays attached to your feet.

Luckily, the Signal Corps trains indoors, so my ten-day stay here will be mostly warm. Not so luckily, the first day was wasted, since CECOM forgot to send an instructor for the training.

A bunch of our equipment got refurbished and sent back to us, so that naturally means retraining – it’s about a six-week process to re-field the gear and retrain all the operators. The piece I’m here to learn about – which I’m not convinced is even relevant to me or the rest of Team S6, but that’s another story – is network operations & management. All the other pieces seem to have their instructors on the ground, but not ours – despite a month’s worth of prodding by our project coordinator here. Whoops! So, CECOM is rushing a guy out here as I type (or may have already arrived, with an anal cavity freshly inspected, courtesy of TSA), along with a bunch of crap via FedEx overnight (at massive expense to the taxpayer, I’m sure).

Speaking of Team S6, I think we’re going to need a name. I’ve named third squad “Hellraisers,” and I’ve said that if I become the platoon sergeant we’ll be the “Mud Bugs,” but in the brigade headquarters, squads and platoons don’t mean anything. It’s all about the sections – so what would fit? Greased Lightning? Electric Bulls? Hell’s Bloody Welcomers? Team RCGF? (Right-Click, Get Fucked!)

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