Postcards from Tradocia

End of Chapter One

Sunset exit from the TOC

It’s been fun, Wisconsin, but we’re outta here. Next stop: the beach on the Persian Gulf!


  1. Mrs. Melobi

    Nice photo. Makes me sad. But now it really begins and that means we’re on our way to getting through this personally and militarily.

  2. Dale Day, MSG, USA-Ret

    Good luck, brother!

  3. The Pontiff

    Once more unto the breach dear friends.

    Good luck sergeant. I’ll keep you posted on flight school along the way; keep the updates coming on your progress over there. I’d like to see a few photos of the living situation when you get settled in.

  4. Dad

    Be careful!

  5. cindy hoppe

    We’re glad you made it there safely and will be checking your blog frequently. It is a great picture. Stay safe. Cindy

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