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The Riddle of Steel

Thanks to Borg, we now have some fine handcrafted wood furniture for our TV and other entertainment equipment. While he’s no master of saw and drill like JoKur, I have no complaints – I could do no better myself. Besides, this is a war zone – things should be slightly dodgy! Or something.

What happened to this truck?

What happened to this truck?

Meanwhile, a couple of mysteries have surfaced. The first is the mystery of one of our command post trucks. From a distance, it looked burned – I thought at first that maybe it had burst into flames on the boat ride here. This would be totally par for the course with these vehicles, and so what should have been alarm was really more like resignation on my part. Upon closer inspection, though, I could see it wasn’t fire damage – but what was it? No idea.

(Interestingly enough, this same truck can be seen here, at our annual training in 2010, when we received the accursed thing.)

What about this mysterious patch of vegetation? As you can see, it’s clustered around a drain spout. A-ha, one might say – obviously runoff has caused a local area of growth. But every barracks building – and there are scores of them – has two drain spouts per side (for a total of four), yet none has a “lawn” like this one. A botanical experiment in progress, perhaps?

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  1. Mrs. Melobi

    Didn’t that truck get its shots before you all left? Looks diseased to me. I say keep your distance.

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