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Stirring the pot

I probably shouldn’t legitimize this kind of blatant trolling with a link, but I can’t help myself:

I’ll just leave this quote here:

The Vermont National Guard is just that, they are State Militia. The Hubs is a federal soldier. The National Guard spouses around here like to refer to themselves as ‘Army Wives’. They aren’t. I respect their significant others for the things that they do, but they are not, by any stretch of the imagination, soldiers.

(emphasis mine)

Needless to say, this has caused some excitement here at the office, filled as it is with non-soldiers who somehow found themselves halfway around the world in the deserts of the Middle East.

(Oh, and Mrs. Melobi: according to her, you’re not an Army wife! Don’t care what your blog says!)




  1. Shannon

    Hey Alex, That lady is full of BS. I told Jer this and he says he can sympathize with you. He’s heard that in regards to firefighting. Since you are a volunteer you aren’t really a fireman! What? He leaves his family to fight fires to get paid NOTHING!!

    The way this country is gutting the military the way it is, we are lucky to have people like you to volunteer their lives to help this country! God Bless you SOLDIER!

  2. SGT Dock

    Interesting that her blog is down as of Sunday 02/12/12. Must’ve stirred up a storm.

  3. The Pontiff

    I just checked it as well and Dock’s right, looks like that was not a very smart thing to say. I’m surprised to see an Army spouse say something like that frankly. While I’m sure we can both comfortably admit that the rigors of full active duty regular Army soldiers are a bit different than that of their NG and Reservist counterparts, I think it’s pretty clear that our families both endure the same hardship when it comes to deployment and our enemies are just as happy to kill a soldier with a Red Bull patch as they are to kill an 82nd Airborne grunt.

  4. Delobius

    Apparently her husband got a talking-to by the commander and I’m sure she got buried in an avalanche of comments.

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