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siegfried & fenja 2

Here’s part two (sequentially, not in story-world chronology). It’s interesting for me to look at my writing then and now – the first part was written almost six years ago, and I think my writing has changed since then. Not that any of you will really notice…;p


PS – Yes, Xteen, I know that horses aren’t tan but I haven’t fixed it. Feel free to correct my egregious equestrian error in the comments.

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siegfried & fenja 1

I mentioned a while ago that I had some fantasy writing that I was thinking about posting. While it doesn’t have any marmots (yet), I figured I’d throw it up on here.

I have five parts written, each of which being mostly done. They’re intentionally out of order, since I was envisioning them revealing the storyline by jumping back and forth in time (a la Pulp Fiction). This is part one of five (in my order, not by story-chronology).

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I’ve been working on some fragments of a fantasy story for a long time and I brought them with me in hopes that I’d work on them during this deployment. It hasn’t really happened, but I’m thinking about posting what I’ve got on here. If you’re interested in that (or not), post in the comments.

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